Celebrity Edge Inaugural Sailing Nov 2018

I finally have a bit of time on my hands so am going to try and catch up on all my trips recently!

I had the pleasure of sailing on the new Celebrity Edge, for one of her 2 night inaugurals, back in November.  This is the first time I have been able to experience a brand new ship, on a sailing that was strictly industry and media.   I had just come off the Norewegian Getaway for a company conference the week before, so cruising was fresh in my mind.   I have sailed on one Celebrity ship before, the Reflection, in Nov 2016.   The Edge though, was promised to be one of a kind and it didn’t disappoint.

The ship currently sails out of Fort Lauderdale.  Celebrity has built a new terminal dedicated to the Edge, encompassing some of the new technology they are trying out on the ship.

If you are sailing on this ship, make sure to download the Edge app before departure.  You will be able to pull up your sailing, on the app, once you arrive at the port terminal.  You will no longer need paper e-documents to scan.  With your passport in one hand and phone in the other, customs will scan your passport, and your information on the app, take a picture of you, and you are on your way to getting on the ship. It was the quickest, easiest embarkation I have ever done!

As soon as I stepped on the ship, I knew that this ship was one of a kind.  From the decor, artwork, placement of furniture, and overall space when I first walked in,  it was quite the change from the Norwegian ship I had just been on.  Everything of course was clean and fresh looking.


Our room keys were waiting for us at our Infinite Verandah stateroom.  The stateroom had very modern decor and was fairly spacious for a cruise cabin.  The first main difference I noticed was the verandah was part of the room, there was no door to step out onto the balcony.  There was a large wall to wall window in front of the balcony furniture.  With a push of a button you can move the top portion down halfway, for an open air balcony feel.  With this type of flow, it made the room seem bigger.  There were partition doors that can be brought across to “separate” the balcony.

With a little more exploring, I found out just the extent of the technology Celebrity has integrated into this ship.  With a touch of a button on the app, you can control the temperature in your room from anywhere on the ship.  You can be laying in bed and push the button to raise the blinds in the morning.  And you can open the balcony window as well.  Of course with the new technology came some hiccups, but I am sure they have worked out the kinks.

Since there were so many industry professionals onboard, they had the different cabin categories on display and we were able to walk through them.  Here are some pictures of the different cabins.

I had the chance to check out the spa as well as the salon while onboard.  I have never had a hair treatment before, so decided to try it! There are multiple different treatment options, which depend on your hair and what it needs.  They even show you your hair and scalp through this microscope app.  I was told I needed some sort of Caviar treatment, so I went with it.  It was great! The Spa has so many treatments, it is hard to keep track.  I have had a lot of simple massages in my life, so decided to try something new.  I had a hot mineral body boost massage, and it was great!  The table is not cushy, but you are laying on a bunch of tiny quartz which are heated.  The therapist moves them around to cushion you in and then gives you a full body massage.  It was very relaxing! Here is what the table looks like before they prep it for you to lay on. IMG_3183.JPG

Since it was such a short time on board we spent most of our time exploring.  It was in the 60’s so did not spend a lot of time outside.  There are two pools, an outdoor one and a solarium one.  There are also various hot tubs in both areas.  The cone like white shape in the larger picture below is one of the hot tubs in the main pool area.

Working out is not my thing, but for a lot of people the gym is one of the most important things on the ship.  The gym on board Celebrity did not disappoint! They have top notch equipment, spin classes, and gorgeous views will you work out.

If you have heard anything about the Edge ship, you have probably heard of the magic carpet.  This is a protruding structure off the side of the ship, that moves to different floors, depending on the time of day.  This is used to disembark at ports, however since we didn’t stop anywhere we didn’t get to experience.  Because of the weather on our cruise, this area wasn’t used much, but it is an interesting new concept.  On each elevator, there was a magic carpet button that told you what floor it currently was on.  IMG_3201

As I mentioned earlier, the decor and art was so unique to this ship.  Here are some various pictures around the ship.

The kids club looked super cute so I snapped a few pictures! Looks like there are lots of activities to keep your kids entertained.

The food of course was something I was very much looking forward to.  The buffet was set up as islands, which helped with the flow of traffic.  It was easy to find your way around, and everything was labeled. Because we were late signing up for the sailing, we were not able to test out any of the specialty dining.  We dined in the same main dining room both nights.  The food at dinner wasn’t as good as we were expecting.  I think the kitchen and staff were still getting accustomed to the ship.  I am sure it has since improved.  There was a cafe on the floor above the atrium and I had the best mini lemon meringue tart.   Overall though,  I was slightly disappointed by the food.

The other slightly disappointing thing was the entertainment.  Now, as noted before I had just gotten off a Norwegian cruise which is said to have the best entertainment at sea.  I also do not go on cruises for the entertainment, so to me it wasn’t a huge deal.  However, the two shows that we saw were very hard to follow.  It was a mixture of Circe de Soleil, futuristic, and Avatar (the movie).  Each actor did a great job with what they were doing (singing/acting/stunts), but I found I was very confused as to what the shows were actually about.  The second night was more singing and dancing, which was easier to follow however, still not my cup of tea.  The theater itself was beautiful.  IMG_3239

The other odd place was Eden.  This area was located at the back of the ship and was a mixture of a lounge, bar and restaurant area.  In order to get here you needed to walk through this dark mirrored hallway with silver metal trees.  It was so dark I wasn’t able to get a picture.  Eden itself, during the day and at night was very pretty.  There were a ton of windows, brightening it up, and lots of different spaces to sit and have a drink or chat. The different furniture was playful and modern.  What was slightly strange though was at night, there were actors walking around.  They didn’t speak, they just moved slow, changing places occasionally, swaying/dancing in place, “sleeping” on the stairs etc.  To me it was an odd concept.  If you are looking for an adventurous meal, than eating at Eden would be right for you.


Overall, this cruise was one of a kind. If you are tired of the typical cruise and looking for something new and exciting, then I highly recommend the Edge!



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